Zebra Stripes  LbNA # 28949 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDaisy and Onslow    
Placed DateFeb 25 2007
LocationHouston, TX
Found By Silver Eagle
Last Found Apr 11 2007
Hike Distance?

Carved by "Rose," hidden by Daisy and Onslow.

To find this microbox, go to the intersection of Barker-Cypress Road and Saums Road. Turn west--Cullen Park soccer fields, baseball fields, and Alkek Velodrome will be on the left. When you pass the Velodrome, look for an entrance to the park on the right. Enter the park, follow the road to its end and park in the lot on the right.

Look northeast--you will see a blue exercise area. Pass this and walk down the asphalt hike/bike trail toward Barker-Cypress. You will cross one road. When you have almost reached Barker-Cypress, there will be two benches on the left.

Stand between these two benches with the trail behind you and you will see three large oak trees. The one furthest left and to the back is your destination. Walk to the western face of the tree. It looks something like a solid wood wall with five distinct 'trunks' that form one. There are three forks. The one in the middle, about six feet up, holds the microbox.

This is a busy place, especially on the weekends, Please practice the usual discretion.

*Alternate directions: You may reach the letterbox from the east as well. Go to the corner of Patterson Road and Highway 6 and park in the lot by the cemetery just north of Patterson. Cross Highway 6 at the light and travel west on the hike/bike trail. When you cross Barker-Cypress Road, the two benches will be on your right. Follow the directions above. NOTE: Coming from this direction, the round-trip hike is about 6 miles.