Tombstone LB with Lake View  LbNA # 2897

Placed DateDec 31 1969
LocationSpotsylvania, VA
Found By Holts
Last Found Apr 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Lake Womyn's Letterboxes

Tombstone Letterbox with Lake View
Spotsylvania, VA

Adopted by Scarab of the Doubtful Guests until placer's return.

[Needs repair. It could use a new box, journal, and double bagging. 1/16/007]

You are on route 208 coming from route #1, Thornburg. Go to the signs to Lake Anna State Park, Route 601, take a right. Go about 2 to 4 miles until you read the Lake Anna entrance on the left (Route # 7000) After you go past the gate, it is 1.7 miles till you take a left past the Ranger's Station. Drive down the road until you reach a small parking lot on the right. You are looking for Mill Pond Trail. The lot is small, so park and walk across to the trail to the left, it should say "Adopt a Trail Girl Scouts #618". You are now beginning the search as it was wintering and snowing the night before, we only wandered maybe a half a mile or so at least until the first complaints from the old folks that we were too far away and they needed to chain smoke and slow down. Okay just kidding. Your will see an elbow tree on the right, a Y tree and some bird houses for feeding. You the pass two logs down a hill and once you come to a clearing instead of continuing on the horse trail, go to the Hikers Only Trail straight ahead. Walk on for 100 or so yards approx. You will have to step over fallen trees and stuff. You will walk along until the hill starts sloping down. On your left you will see a tree with an arrow. Continue on the path until you get to the BIG rock on the right about 30 steps, you can't miss it. Go 20 paces towards a rock that is sticking up - The Tombstone Rock - to the right there is a tree (big Oakish) with a tiny knob. The Tombstone letterbox is 2 and a half feet from the base of the tree in the ground with a rock on top. If you are looking at the lake, it is at 3 o'clock facing the "cool looking" house.

Live long and enjoy walking....From the Lake Womyn