Where Old Wood Chips Go to Die  LbNA # 28981 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMichel LaBranche    
Placed DateMar 1 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Found By NanniPapawTo4
Last Found Feb 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Percy Possum wandered too far from his log-style domicile one night as he was being chased by one of Cas Walker's near-sighted coon hounds and got lost from his island home. He had just left his deaf cousin Racquel Raccoon's cottage and was southbound on the road back home to his residence when he got lost while eluding the hounds. He was carrying a letterbox to hide for Racquel!

He hid in a tree until morning when the hounds left, and the next day he came down and continued his homeward journey south. When he crossed the metal bumps in the road, he knew he was almost there. Quickly turning in, he stopped to ponder his navel and an artsy object, and checked a nearby geocache. Yes! It was still there! Percy's home was here where pink marble was mined for the Federal Buildings like the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. He was proud of that fact!

Looking forward for the gap ahead (bearing 290 degrees JUST to be sure), he stepped across, then through, and stopped on the wood-chip interstate to check for a banana peel or maybe an apple core for a snack. So many wood chips! "Is this where old wood chips came to die?", he thought to himself.

He ambled northeast on the interstate at an incredible 240 centimeters per minute to the Tharp Trace post and took off for home. He knew it would only be another 1,770 possum steps to find his hollow log home; he was getting tired of carrying that dumb box. He always used the North door - fearing slimy creatures that lived on the opposite end of his log house! He even put up a "Beware!" sign under the overhang for others to see. The sign was still there when he last checked; and, hopefully, Percy left your box!

Be sure to lemme know if you find the sign.