Kobyla  LbNA # 28990

Placed DateFeb 27 2007
CountyOther International
LocationPrihrazy, Czech Republic, INT
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Driving Directions

From motorway R10 take exit "Brezina". Turn right on exit ramp. In "Zdar" turn right. Take free parking place in "Prihrazy" near hotel.


(EDIT: this clues are out of date. Please use geocaching.com) Walk in W direction along creek to forest trail crossing. Turn right and continue to wood stairs leading to Kobyla rock. Continue upstairs to the top of hill. Go in NW direction through small rock gate and keep going with old trail and with contour line until you get into dingle. Turn right there and keep going straight downhill, following the creek. In the valley after aprox. 1 mile you should count two small rocks on your right. Look for a camoflaged box under the overhang of the smaller one. Please cover it well when you are done. The creek then will lead you back to parking place.

This is a combination Geocache/letterbox. There is a seperate logbook for your stamp and I have made a custom stamp that relates perfectly to this location for your logbook. Bring an ink pad as the container's too small to hold a pad.

Note: Digging is NOT required

....good luck