Silly Joke Series - Irish Spring  LbNA # 29022

OwnerThe Polka Dots    
Placed DateMar 3 2007
LocationSomerville, TX
Found By NativTxn
Last Found Apr 14 2012
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Last EditedDec 10 2015

This is the first in a series of boxes featuring silly jokes. Our family (especially Gold Arrow) loves silly jokes. We'll give you the first part and you'll have to find the box to get the punchline.

Silly Joke: What's Irish and comes out in the spring?
Answer: ?? find the box and see.

Directions: From Brenham, take Hwy 36 north through Somerville to Lyons. Turn left (west) on Hwy 60 and travel approx. 8 miles. Turn left on Park Road 57 and go 4 miles to the Birch Creek Unit entrance. Stop at the park Headquarters and pay your fee ($3 per adult for day only), Follow the park map to the Cedar Elm camping Area.

To the box: Begin at Pavilion 1. Take the wide path to the right of the pavilion into the woods/brush. From the short (2 1/2 foot tall) stump just off the trail on your left hand side, walk 58 steps to the tree standing in the center of the clearing. Go 18 more steps in the same direction. To your right there should be 2 leaning dead trees. The letterbox is inside the shortest one covered by some wooden pieces. Please rehide well.