221b Baker Street Series  LbNA # 29023 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 3 2007
LocationGoodyear, AZ
Planted BySaoirse    
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Oct 25 2009
Hike Distance?

Clues: Easy
Walk: Moderate, some steep and rocky places. 2.3 miles if you take the loop all the way around.
First Finder Certificate: Yes
Hand Carved Stamps: Yes

This series was placed for a Sherlock Holmes event held at Estrella park on Sherlock Holmes Day 3/3/07.

To get to the park, take I-10 west toward Los Angeles. Turn left on Estrella Parkway. Take Estrella Parkway south to Vineyard and turn left. Turn right into the park entrance. There is a 5$ fee per vehicle for entry.

On a sunny day in March, Dr. Watson decided to visit his old friend Sherlock Holmes. He found the entrance to Holmes' street at the entrance to the Gila Trail and began a leisurely walk up the path. When the trail met itself, he turned to the right and continued up the way until he came to a shady place to rest. While sitting in the shade, he looked about 30 paces to the north, and there under the sheltering arms of a palo verde tree, in a snug rock home, he found the residence of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. He rapped on the door and was greeted by the maid, who handed him a note from the great man himself. It read as follows.

My Dear Dr. Watson,
You know it has been my habit to instruct you in my methods and test you from time to time on their application. I have hidden myself away and ask that you use the tools I've provided to come and seek me out.
Yours Sincerely,
Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Watson was amused by his friend's request, and taking his leave of the maid, he set out on his search. From his shady resting place, he saw the entrance to the Baseline Trail, marked with a brown post with white lettering stating "BA". He was sure that Holmes had gone this way, and so he entered the trail and continued his walk. Shortly, he came upon another "BA" sign marking the junction where the trail returned to meet itself. Knowing that Holmes was always a positive thinker, he chose to take the left upward moving trail. He huffed and puffed his way up the rocky slope and reaching the saddle peak, he could see a rodeo arena forward and below him. Looking behind, he saw vast green farmlands stretching away to the north. He knew that Holmes had left him a tool for his search nearby, and spying a large, black, ball-shaped rock to the left of his trail, he hunted beneath the rocks on its east side, and found his prize tucked into a little hole beneath the rock. "Success!" he shouted, and feeling quite proud, he continued on down the trail in search of the elusive Holmes. The trail wound this way and that. Watson began to wonder if he had missed a sign somewhere, but soon he came upon an armless saguaro barely off to the left of the path pointing his way forward like a beacon. Feeling more sure of himself, he continued his winding way forward, enjoying the walk and the desert scenery. He walked and walked until he observed a reclining saguaro to the right of the trail. "That fellow has the right idea." he thought to himself. He wandered down through a little wash and came to a place in the trail where large stones marked the left hand side of the path. Then, lo and behold ahead and to his left, he spotted another brown "BA" sign. He rushed forward with a cry of delight! Using Holmes gift, he peered around the trail sign and found to its right, a large black rock, topped with another large black rock. Carefully lifting the cover, Dr. Watson was delighted to find his friend lounging in the little cave smoking his pipe. "Well done Watson!" cried Holmes. "You have done magnificently!" he said, wringing Watson's hand. "Now let's go home where I have had the maid lay out our tea." The two friends looked back the way Watson had come, but decided to continue on around the looping trail, and finally scrambling up several large hills, they were rewarded by returning to the shady place where Watson had first taken his rest. The weary pair settled in to enjoy their tea and a chat about Holmes' latest fascinating case. You however, may wish to return to your handsome and find some refreshement yourself.

-The End-

This trail is well used, and Watson's "Shady place" is especially busy. Be discreet, and rehide all boxes well. Please report your find on LBNA and/or Atlasquest so I can keep track of their status.