Fiesta de Hongos  LbNA # 29028

OwnerBoots Tex    
Placed DateMar 4 2007
LocationMadisonville, TX
Found By Coug
Last Found Feb 15 2016
Hike Distance?

In case you didn’t know it, Madisonville is the “Mushroom Capital of Texas” by order of the Texas State Legislature. The Texas Mushroom Festival is held there the third weekend of October every year, and it’s a gala event with a Gala Dinner featuring food from guest chefs making varied and abundant dishes guessed it: Mushrooms! Other events are the Shiitake Run, the Baby Bella Contest and selection of the Mushroom Queen. There is also a wine tasting featuring Texas wines. Last year, 10 wineries participated. Madison County has the nation’s largest mushroom production and processing facility. If you enjoy eating good food and drinking good wine and just enjoy seeing small-town Texas culture in action, put the Texas Mushroom Festival on your calendar for next October.

Madisonville is located just off I-45 about 100 miles northwest of Houston. Take the Madisonville exit and go west on Hwy. 21/190. Look for the “Lake Madison” sign on your right and take the right to Collard St. Turn right on Lake Madison Road (you can see the small lake on your right). Drive around the lake past the big picnic pavilion. Pass the playground on the left (this may be the third one you’ve seen), then the restrooms on the right. Veer left into a parking area next to a softball field and park.

To the box:
You’ll notice a dirt road leading off away from the softball field and around a patch of woods. Walk down that road and turn left a the tee. On your left you will see two live oak trees growing close together, with one reaching out over the road. Standing beneath the branches of that tree in the middle of the road, Locate a large oak tree with 4 large trunks at 330 degrees and about 130 steps away across a clearing. The box is behind that tree at its base, covered with twigs. Watch out for PI!