Madison Quilt Block - Quilt Block Series  LbNA # 29041

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateMar 4 2007
LocationMadisonville, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found Oct 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Dolly Payne Todd Madison became a world-famous hostess while First Lady from 1809-1817. With an unusual facility for names and faces, Dolly charmed everyone. She set the standards that other American woman tried to follow, particularly in the realm of fashion. Costly Parisian gowns, elaborate feathered turbans, snuff, and rouge became her trademarks. Dolly was a twenty-six year old widow with two children when she met James Madison, who was 43, and for whom Madison County, Texas was named. Her most significant achievement was saving vital historical items when the invading British burned the White House in an action which led to the War of 1812. Those items included the original drafts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and Stuart’s portrait of George Washington. This quilt block was named the "Dolly Madison Star" for her many years ago and is my tribute to Madison County.

Madisonville is located just off I-45 about 100 miles northwest of Houston. Take the Madisonville exit and go west on Hwy. 21/190 for a sort ways, looking for a sign “Lake Madison”. Follow the arrow and you will be on Collard Street. Look for Shipp St., turn right and go for 1/2 mile to Lake Madison Rd. Turn right and look for a soccer field on the left.

To the box:
You can park your car here and walk to the box or you can drive to it. Look for the dirt road that starts at the soccer field and skirts the woods on the left. Follow it a short distance until it turns sharply left into the woods. If you drove, you can make the left turn and park in the road. There is a dead log lying just to your left. The letterbox is under a piece of bark at the root end of that log. Please watch for critters and PI as always. Thorny vines are also present, as in any East Texas forest.