Ocean Icon  LbNA # 29042

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateFeb 28 2007
LocationBrunswick, GA
Found By Grandma Val
Last Found Aug 21 2008
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Ocean Icon
The Marshes of Glynn

Sorry, this box has been reported missing. :>( It is a beautiful spot worthy of a visit even if there is no letterbox there. It is an easy place to find and to get in and out of. If you go there check it out and let us know if the Icon has returned. - lbsearchers@yahoo.com

Crossing the new causeway between Jekyll and St Simons Islands today, we saw the marsh stretch out to the horizon line on either side. This no man's land is a nutrient-rich system of bio-degradables efficiently recycled by organisms you will never see but who are responsible for the shrimp that slept in the river last night which you might have for dinner tonight.
Here in the marsh, the cradle of the sea, the central coil of life circles ever wider from these microcosmic food processors to encompass an entire food web...fish, shellfish, reptiles, mammals, birds. It is in our best interest to nourish and preserve this marshland, for the gifts of life born here cannot be replaced.

One hundred years ago Georgia poet Sydney Lanier immortalized these marshes
in his poem "The Marshes of Glynn." He said, in part:
“Somehow my soul seems suddenly free
from the weighing of fate and the sad discussion of sin
by the length and the breadth and the sweep
of the marshes of Glynn.”

Clue: Leaving Jekyll Island, go north on 17 across the big intercoastal waterway bridge toward St Simons Island. Soon after you pass Spanky’s, you will come to The Marshes of Glynn Overlook Park on the right. (Special note – if you are headed south on 17 coming from St Simons you will have to pass the park on the left and make a U-turn at Spanky’s and follow the directions from there.) It is a small park that is just a short pull in park with pretty scenery, a few picnic tables and an overlook pier. Enter the park and proceed to the north end of the park close to the pier. Enjoy the view and locate a small service shed/building that is almost completely hidden by bushes. Approach the door of the building and go around the right side. Behind the middle support pier, guarded by some small rocks you will find an Ocean Icon.

There are some nice places to take the box to stamp-in. One of our favorite spots is the comfortable swing close to the pier. When you return the box please put the rock back on the top of the box and the rocks on each side. This will discourage any curious creatures from dragging it out into open view. You will notice this is a very busy place so please be stealthy.

Thanks, have fun and happy trails to you,
Granny and Paw Paw