Stanley Manor Murder Mystery Clue #1 (Charles Magn  LbNA # 29044

Placed DateMar 4 2007
Location???, CO
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 25 2015
Hike Distance?

Stanley Manor Murder Mystery Clue #1 (Charles Magn

A mysterious murder has occurred at the Stanley Manor and we need your help. The only information being released by the press at this time is that there were six people staying at the Manor at the time the body was found. With enough information from enough clues, possibly you can help the authorities solve this horrible crime. It is also important for the security of this case that the information you figure out or obtain is not revealed to others. It is likely that you will need to find most of the guests and see most of the clues in order to piece the entire story together to figure out the murderer, victim, weapon, motive, and location within the Stanley Manor. You may even want to create a separate log book for clues, but that is completely up to you. This is one of 12 Stanley Manor Murder Mystery boxes.

Clue #1-

Fear ran through my body in a flash as I fled Stanley Manor. It felt like I was soaring in the wind as I fled. In searching for a place to hide out, it took me Nine Days of fighting through Madding Crowds to find my spot.
And it's such a shame,
That I can't tell you anything!
You won't hear me still you endear me now!
Still you endear me now!

At 4800 feet and just south of mile marker 9 I found my home. I figured that this may be a safe place due to all of the friendly people with dogs walking by. It was lucky that I wasn’t driving since the signs said that there is no parking after dark. I followed a couple of dogs down the path but began to fear for my friends as I found that we may hear or observe hunters between September and February. A great thing about my new home and hiding place is that it won’t cost me a penny. I noticed that it is funded by “Great Outdoors Colorado” through funds from the Colorado Lottery. Just be careful if you come to see me in the winter because the trails are not maintained.

My first stop down the trail I met an interesting family that lived below ground. It sure was nice of them to put a bench next to their chimney for me to sit at. Continuing down the trail I noticed another bench but I knew this was only to rest myself before crossing the water. Fortunately the route I found did not involve getting wet. A little further down the trail I started to tire and knew that I had to find a place to stop soon. I saw a sign that said I had been walking 6 miles but couldn’t imagine that it was that far.

Just a short distance further I reached a spot that a decision had to be made. To be sure that I made the correct one I took a seat to think about my options. I could continue down the trail with the dogs or I could head down the path to the water. As I looked down I saw something that made me think of the death that I had just seen at Stanley Manor and the classmate that I had just lost. I knew that I had to find a place to hide quickly.

Sitting on the bench I turned to the north as saw a view that was so amazing that it would make a great photograph. I stood and began to head in this direction but only got about 20 steps before finding my new home. A perfect tree to keep me cool in the summer, large enough to hide a person, and even has a great strong concrete fortress to protect me from the elements. If you decide to stop by and say “hi”, please don’t let anyone see you because I have fled the crime scene for a reason. I don’t want to be found by anyone that doesn’t understand why I am hiding here.

I have additional clues to help you solve this crime but you’ll have to find me if you want a copy.