Mexican Hat Wildflower  LbNA # 29046 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 3 2007
LocationSomerville, TX
Found By flower71
Last Found Jul 28 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 10 2015

Mexican Hat: Ratibida columnaris (Asteraceae)
This robust, drought tolerant annual is native to the mid-west and has naturalized throughout North America. It generally makes its cheerful appearance along the Texas landscape starting in June. The characteristic black, cone-shaped heads are surrounded by drooping, fire-red flowers with a splash of yellow accent. The flower resembles a colorful Mexican sombrero, hence the name, Mexican Hat.

This box is located at Lake Somerville State Park at the Birch Creek Unit. Stop at the ranger’s station and pay the entrance fee and pick up a map.
To find the Mexican Hat letterbox, find the entrance to the Family Fishing Pond at the Post Oak Camp area. Take the trail a short distance to the pond. Facing the sign, go left 27 steps to another trail on your left. From the trail marker take approximately 201 (81 plus 120) steps down this trail. At that point, you will see a clearing on the west (right) side of the trail with a faint trail leading into the clearing. Go 28 steps into the clearing and stand on top of a decaying log. Turn facing 260 degrees and look up. You will see a tall tree (taller than the rest) whose trunk is approximately 22 steps away. Go to this tree and look behind it under a small pile of branches for the letterbox.