Flowers For Algernon  LbNA # 29057

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateMar 3 2007
LocationSomerville, TX
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Oct 22 2014
Hike Distance?

*** Part of my Literature Series ***
Replaced container & log (1/3/10)
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 500 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: brown, black, red & blue
Status: alive (wet log)

Flowers for Algernon is a science fiction story written by Daniel Keyes. It was originally published as a novelette in the April 1959 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. It won a Hugo award for Best Short Fiction in 1960, and was made into a 1968 movie entitled Charly. The story centers on Charlie Gordon, a mentally challenged janitor who volunteers to take part in an experimental intelligence-enhancing treatment. His progress parallels that of Algernon, a laboratory mouse who had been "enhanced" earlier. But intelligence turns out to be a double-edged sword for Charlie and he cannot help realizing that everything he previously believed was not as it seemed. This is one of my favorite science fiction stories and I hope this box lures you into reading it. The microbox can be found at Lake Somerville SP - Birch Creek Unit, and was placed for the TX Wildfower LB Event held there on 03/03/07.

From Houston take Hwy 290 West to Brenham. Take SH 36 North through Somerville to Lyons. Turn left on Hwy 60 and travel approximately 8 miles. Turn left on Park Road 57 and go about 4 miles to Lake Somerville SP - Birch Creek Unit Visitor Center, pay fee and get a map. Drive west to the Old Hickory Camping Area and park at the second restroom on the left just after camping loop 84-94.

Walk across the road to the trail head and go about 50 yards to the One Mile Loop Trail sign. Go right, cross the bridge and walk about 200 yards to a white Loop Trail sign jct. Go left for about 40 steps to a large cedar tree on the right about 5 steps off trail. The camo microbox is hanging on the back side of the tree about 4 feet high. Please replace as described.