Snow Bunny  LbNA # 29085

Placed DateMar 4 2007
LocationSeven Springs, PA
Found By Anne of Green Gables
Last Found Jul 30 2009
Hike Distance?

To the Trailhead
Seven Springs Storage
Take a left on Village Drive, right before the main gate to Seven Springs Ski Resort.
Continue past the "villages" until you come to the storage sheds on your left.

To the Letterbox
From locker 102, hop the fence to the South and find the sign that reads "Return to Scenic Chairlift."

From the sign, follow a trail to the South until you find another "Return to Scenic Chairlift" sign.

From the second sign look East and you'll spot a large tree. The backside of the tree is a large scar. At the bottom, under a pile of sticks, you'll find the Snow Bunny. (Be sure to bring a pen and stamp pad, as the letterbox has neither)

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