Paula Egolf Tribute Series: Live With Passion  LbNA # 29089

Placed DateMar 7 2007
LocationDavenport, IA
Found By Joyful Explorer
Last Found Apr 5 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox series remembers Goose Chaser, a letterboxing pioneer in the Quad-Cities. In the year and a half before her sudden and tragic death, Paula planted 18 boxes in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. The second box "Live With Passion" is dedicated to Paula's zeal for life. A self-described "jackie of all trades," Paula excelled at gardening, quilting, raising chickens, training dogs, teaching children and creating letterboxes with beautifully-carved stamps, ingeniously hidden. (She probably did lots more well, too). Remembering Paula's zest reminds me to live fully right now today.

The box is hidden at Sunderbruch Park (formerly Southwest Park) in Davenport, IA, a park currently under development. The park is located off Telegraph Road on the south side about .6 miles west of Fairmount St. If you get to Wisconsin Ave., you missed it. At this time, there's a sign without a name on it.

Turn into the drive, go to the parking lot and park. You'll see a rust colored bridge to the west. Although this bridge/road will be open to vehicles at some point, at the moment, it's only accessible on foot. Walk across the bridge and follow the road as it curves up. You'll walk 10-15 minutes on the road and come to a place where the woods on both sides circle around to meet the road.

On your left, a tree arches over the road. Stop at this tree. Notice the dead logs. Stop over them. Look Southeast about 140-degrees. You should spot a tall, unbroken, bald tree. As you walk toward it, you'll pass a scrawny, squiggly-shaped tree on your left, go down a gully and up the opposite hill.

Go to the tall, bald tree. About 16 paces ahead, there's a broken tree at a right angle. It's broken with about three feet of trunk upright. Reach inside an open knothole on the south side. What you seek is tucked in a knob on the left side of the trunk.

Hand-carved stamp. Pink ink is suggested.