Just Visiting  LbNA # 29092

OwnerLaw Girls    
Placed DateMar 7 2007
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Mar 15 2015
Hike Distance?

This box was supposed to have landed in Roswell, NM last year, but it arrived in that area during a terrible windstorm and never found a place to touch down.

The box has finally found a place to hide and can be found at North Teller Lake, a small fishing lake just East of Boulder where you can discover trails that branch off in several directions from the parking lot if you want to explore.

The route to this box is fairly easy--the trail is supposedly handicap accesible and there is a small handicap fishing spot quite near the box--though the box, while just off the trail, is not as handicap accessible as it involves inclines and tall grass, fallen branches and even some pointy, pointy yucca. Placing the box today, the trail was quite muddy and rutted.

For more information about this area and its regulations and accessibility, please go to the following weblink:


NOTE: this particular trail does not allow bikes or dogs. It's a pretty good one for kids though! EASY

The East Boulder Trail--Teller Farm North Trailhead is located on the south side of Valmont between 75th and 95th Streets. Park in the lot and head East toward the first trailhead opening in the fence. You will see a prairie dog village and a sign that says North Teller Lake. Follow the trail a short distance until you see the large Tiger Muskie. Follow the trail in the opposite direction of where this fish is looking.

A little farther up the trail, you will see the Handicap fishing area. Just beyond that you will see two large reddish irrigation valve handwheels. Follow the trail approx. 35 steps from these handwheels until you see a small stack of railroad ties on the North side of the trail. Step off the trail to go down around the back of these ties. Just Visiting is at the East end of the stack, tucked underneath, hidden by a chunk of cement. Watch out for the yucca!

As always, please be discreet and rehide well. Bring bug spray as soon as the season dictates and don't step in any anthills!

There is a hitchhiker in the box for the first finder.