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Anderson County Museum

The kids and I love coming to our little museum and seeing the rotating exhibits. We love feeling the cotton, and finding our street on the floor map. But, honestly, my favorite part of coming, is seeing the fountain. At 1200 pounds, and 18 feet tall, the General Robert Anderson Memorial Fountain was built in 1906 by the civic Association of Anderson County. It was the first fountain in North America with underwater lights!
It was removed from behind the historic couthouse in the early 90's, and placed in "storage" behind a shed at the White Street Dump. In 2002, Ted Monnich restored the fountain. The restoration was paid for by hundreds of readers of the Anderson Independent-Mail, who donated $45,000.
Today, the fountain stands in all it's former glory on the grounds of the Anderson County Museum. This box is a small Thank You to all of those who donated their time, and money to help bring this beautiful piece fo our county's history back to life.

Museum Hours:
Tues. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Wed.-Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

To find the box, you must explore the museum! It's not very big, so it won't take too long! Pay attention to everything you read! Once your done exploring and reading, make your way to the Gift Shop and let the person behind the counter know that you are here for the letterbox.

Did you pay attention to what you read??? We'll's Pop Quiz time!!!! You must answer the question correctly to get the box!

Please make sure to stamp into BOTH logbooks! One is mine, the other is for the museum!
The stamp is pretty big, so be warned!!! I got a little carried away! LOL!!!
The museum is FREE, but Donationa are Appreciated! We hope you enjoy the box!