Atwoodville Frog Pond  LbNA # 29144

Placed DateMar 11 2007
LocationMansfield Center, CT
Planted ByScrawny    
Found By Gingergirl84
Last Found Jul 31 2017
Hike Distance?

Close to the end of Atwoodville Rd. near Rt. 89, park on the side near the telephone pole # 3474 about 50 yards from Rt. 89. Walk into the woods between two small hills, toward a frog pond. This is a vernal pool so it might not have water in it. Turn left at the pond and walk toward a large tree growing at a 45º angle to the ground. Stand at the base of the tree and walk parallel to the direction that the tree is pointing. Walk 30 paces to a triple tree. Face the road look to your left, and you will see a tree with a hole in the bottom. Standing at the base of that tree, face the road. You will see a quadruple tree. Look in the nook for the box.