Fall Creek: Old Orchard Road  LbNA # 29152

Placed DateMar 11 2007
LocationQuincy, IL
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Fall Creek: Old Orchard Road *may be missing*
(good friend tried to locate on 4-08-09 and could not find)

Rating: Rugged and strenuous especially at beginning. Our 6-yr. old was able to make the climb with help.
You may eliminate some of this hard climb during the warmer months when the road to the top is open. If you want to drive to the scenic overlook, you can do that and take up the trail at the ** below.

Find your way to Fall Creek Rest Area. It is about 12 miles south of Quincy, just east of the intersections of IL 57 and US 172.

Park in the lot and then walk on the roadway back towards the way you came in. (Smile for the camera on the tree!) Before you get to the entrance you will see a sign on your left “To Scenic Overlook” marking the trailhead. This is where your climb begins. Follow the trail through a downed tree and up to the left. Take a deep breath! Heading up the steep hillside you’ll see several built-in steps to aid your ascent. There are a few downed trees that make nice rest benches near the top of the hill.

Continue along the trail which has a slow upward climb. You’ll curve left, and eventually curve down and to the left again. When you see several cut-up trees you are near the top!

A wide grassy path leads right—follow it to the overlook for a beautiful view and a rest.

** After you have rested, follow the paved path. You will quickly reach a road. This is a circular drive that leads down to the park’s main entrance. Turn left and walk along the road; the trees form a tangled mass to your left. When you reach the next parking area, leave the road—you are aiming for a wide, cleared pathway. This is the old orchard road—formally used by farmers to bring their wagons up to the orchards.

Continue down this pathway. You will have a beautiful view to your right. Keep going.

Just before your reach the area with several trees blocking the path look to your right. On the ridge you will see a large downed tree that has been cut off as it protrudes out into the pathway. This holds your prize. Explore the ripped out base of the tree for the box. Stamp in and re-hide well.

Proceed on down the trail the same way you were heading. You will see the intricate root systems of many big trees. The ground here is full of loose rocks, so take care. You will exit the trail very close to where you entered. Walk back on the roadway to your car.

From here you can proceed on to Fall Creek: Stone Arch Bridge