Fall Creek: Stone Arch Bridge  LbNA # 29153

Placed DateMar 11 2007
LocationQuincy, IL
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Jul 16 2009
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Fall Creek: Stone Arch Bridge

Rating: Rugged—a few steep hills to climb, several drop-offs into the gorge below. Please exercise caution. Our 6-yr. old was able to make this hike with help and diligent supervision.

Find your way to Fall Creek Rest Area. It is about 12 miles south of Quincy, just east of the intersections of IL 57 and US 172.

From the main parking lot find the paved path that leads past the restrooms. This is a smooth, flat walk to begin your hike. Just past the wooden footbridge you will see a trailhead marker with a map. On your left is an overlook that gives you a view of the creek and lower falls. You’ll notice a pathway has developed down into the creek bed. Some people prefer to walk the creek but this way can be unpredictable depending on the water levels.

Instead, begin following the established trail that leads up the hill overlooking the creek. There are two pathways at first—the one on the left has gotten very steep so a safer one has developed several yards to the right. Follow the trail. You’ll notice several gullies and sharp drops into the gorge below. Eventually you will cross under the highway bridge that is currently in use. It is safe to cross under this bridge with caution.

Continue on the trail about 200 yards more to the Stone Arch Bridge. You can walk out on to the bridge and enjoy the view in both directions. After you are done taking in the view head back to the sign that gives the history of the bridge.

Face away from the sign and walk across the “road” to the trail that is right at the end of the bridge. Follow this path down to the edge of the stream. Turn right and walk about 15 paces. Here tree branches block your way. Turn inland and progress about 8 paces. Locate a chunk of concrete with a fence post through the middle of it. The box is hidden underneath. Make sure you are not observed and stamp in. Please re-hide well by replacing the large rock and covering with leaves.

From here you can walk under the bridge and enjoy the scenery or proceed on up the creek to the upper falls. Return to the trail you followed in and take it back to the park entrance.