Rip Van Mingo  LbNA # 29164 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 12 2007
LocationEighty Four, PA
Found By outlander3667
Last Found Apr 2 2010
Hike Distance?

They are old, and they are red, and in Mingo Park there are two.
Ignore Mr. Ford's, Mr. Scooge's is for you.
Through the red tunnel, straight up the trail.
Thick pines on your left?, You cannot fail.
At the fork in the road, take the way that goes higher.
Pace yourself, so you do not tire.
On your right, a clearing, on your left, steps to nowhere.
The number 2 on a tree, why is that there?
Your prize lies 30 more paces from here.
(Hint: That's 60 regular steps for a 5'10" man)
The clearing on the right will come to an end.
At that spot you stop, for your quest is also about to end.
To the left of the trail, a tree trunk you'll see.
Lying parallel to your path, higher than your knee.
Behind that log, another log makes a "T"
Where those two logs meet, the treasure you'll see.
Whilst there, catch some "Z's".
Hide the box again, please.

An additional hint for the Geocache folks:
Stand on the trail at N40-11.282; W082-02.369. Facing 070 degrees, your prize is three meters away, chest level.