Wildflowers: Trillium  LbNA # 29165 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 11 2007
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationLos Osos, CA
Planted Bymonotonia    
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Jun 15 2007
Hike Distance?

*This box was reported missing. I have not yet had a chance to confirm, but I suspect that the report was correct.*

In San Luis Obispo County there exists a "Mountain of Gold." Not surprisingly, near the outskirts of this amazing treasure hides a "masked bandit" who most certainly is just waiting for the opportunity to strike. This creature hides another treasure on his famous trail: the TRILLIUM MACULATUM (at least I think that's what it is ... USDA indicates that these plants shouldn't be here! It could be Trillium Chloropetalum, which makes more sense but doesn't really look like what I saw). There is no other place in California that I've seen this beauty, and every year there are more and more of them, what a sneaky fellow to hoard all these beauties on his single little trail!

You can view the trillium by heading down the trail any time from February to May (more or less) and after you cross the first bridge, count 32 steps then look to your right. The real treasure, of course, is hidden a bit further down the trail. When you reach the second bridge, look under the right-hand side, under the first plank. There you'll find what you really seek (and it's there year-round)!