Tyrannosaurus Moo Moo  LbNA # 29170

Placed DateFeb 10 2007
LocationClemson, SC
Planted ByCamoBoy n' Rabbit    
Found By 5 IS ALIVE
Last Found Mar 21 2011
Hike Distance?

Beginning at the Fran Hanson Discovery Center in Clemson, South Carolina.
Start in the parking lot on the south side of the building. Walk east along Discovery Lane up to Garden trail. Turn right (east by southeast). Walk down the hill, around the vehicle gate, over the bridge. To the right is a driveway; the road splits at this point. Take the right fork and follow it to up a slight incline until you come to Gwendolyn’s Trail – you will know it from a rock on the left side of the road. Turn right onto the trail and follow it until you come to a park bench. From there continue 27 paces and turn right – off of the path and down into the nest of dinosaur eggs. walk downhill and stand between the two lowest eggs with the rest of the nest behind you; 12 paces ahead is a tree about 2 feet in diameter with a fork in its trunk 25 feet up in the air. The box lies here.