The Hunt for Treasure  LbNA # 29176

Placed DateMar 11 2007
LocationRockville, IN
Planted ByMom&Munchkins    
Found By Butterfly Jane
Last Found Sep 12 2007
Hike Distance?

This is a low level of difficulty with a short 10 minute walk.

Enter Raccoon Lake at the main entrance on S.R. 36. Follow the main road past the beach, and camp store. You will come to a sign that directs you to turn left to Berry Drive and the Payne Shelter. Turn down that road and follow it to a sign on your right that says She-Qui-Oh Vista "Lean Raccoon" Park there and start your walk.

You will walk past the sign and up a small hill. At the crest of the hill you will see ahead of you a tree stump that is bent to look like a gun. Past the gun you will come to a trail marker for #1. Turn right at the trail marker and go part way down the hill until you see a "family" of trees one of which is forked. The treasure you seek is hidden at the base of the "family". It will be covered by leaves and tree bark.

While you are here notice the woodpecker holes in the tree, and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

This is the first box we have placed, I hope you enjoy the quest and that you will enjoy letterboxing as much as we do!

We would love an e-mail from anyone who finds our "treasure"