East Glastonbury Public Library Letterbook  LbNA # 29178

Placed DateMar 13 2007
LocationGlastonbury, CT
Planted ByLetterbooker    
Found By SherlockMiles
Last Found May 8 2017
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The East Glastonbury Public Library is a small library located at 1389 Neipsic Road in Glastonbury, Connecticut right next to Eastbury Elementary School. Our library is sometimes called "Little Red" because it was once a little red one-room school house and it still looks very much like one! We are staffed almost entirely by volunteers. The hours are: Monday 1-4 and 7-9, Tuesday 9-4, Thursday 9-4 and 7-9. During vacation times the hours may be slightly reduced. Our phone number is (860) 633-5637. For a small library we have a wonderful selection of current fiction, non-fiction, and magazines. Our Children's Room has all the great series and picture books that your child could want. Anyone with a Connecticut library card is welcome to check-out our materials.

Hidden in the library is a Letterbook, a hollowed-out book that contains a library stamp, stamp pad, pen, and log-book. There are five clues (three are in books) throughout the library to lead you to the hidden letterbook. All the books have the word "Clue Book" written on their white spine tab and the final book has the word "Letterbook" on its spine tab. If you don't see this then you haven't found the correct book. Also, all the clue books and the letterbook have the word "Letter" in their title.

Here is the first clue:

It was once the heart of every library. Most libraries now use a computer, but not the East Glastonbury Public Library. We still use this important tool...a series of drawers and cards that leads you to every book in our library. It makes sense to start your hunt there. Look in the Subject headings under "Letterbook".

(This letterbook was created by Patty Kulju with special thanks to Melissa of Glastonbury.)