Never Trust a Skinny Cook (MIA)  LbNA # 29186 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 14 2007
CountyNew Castle
LocationHockessin, DE
Planted ByThe Snugglebugs    
Found By Chambers Family
Last Found Apr 6 2007
Hike Distance?

*****NOTE: Confirmed missing.*****

Head westbound out of Wilmington on the road that, although paved and not made of lumber, you will see is 12 x 4. Not long after you pass a building where you can be chummy and the wild goose crossing, you will come to a mercantile establishment where you might expect to find British beef, but none will be there. There is a juvenile poisonous mushroom, but not a Cook. Instead, your prize awaits in the place where a couple of hefty men gather. They may be cooking or crafting a special sauce, or might be greeting their guests. You may find only one there, or they may be trading spaces.....but you can always trust them to provide a good meal or cater to your every need. The treasure you seek will be waiting for you alongside a throne fit for a future king, but not the youngest prince.

This box has the permission of the owners to be there. After you find it, why not sit for a while and partake of some liquid refreshment to reward yourself for your efforts??

This is my first plant and only my third attempt at carving. Please press hard to get a good impression of the stamp, which I freehanded. Bring your own ink, as this is a microbox.