Don't Forget Your Camera  LbNA # 29188 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Ely 4    
Placed DateMar 14 2007
LocationPost Falls, ID
Found By Trouble Bug
Last Found Mar 14 2007
Hike Distance?

This one unfortunately got stolen or lost the day after I planted it....Sorry!

Me and my family moved here in 1996 from a very "non-scenic" area. Ever since my first visit to this beautiful spot, it has been one of my favorite things about Idaho. I have now learned to enjoy the scenery around me no matter my location. This one however.....takes the cake!

First you must go to the Post Falls Park just off Spokane St. Head down the ramp towards a playground. By all means, stop and play! Follow the paved path until you find a blue trash barrel. You will find a dirt/rock path leading uphill to the right. You must follow this trail to the top. Keep an eye out for an old DANGER sign. From the sign go approximately 56 steps east. After you pass a large shrub on the right, you will see two vary large, flat rocks to the left. Between the rocks the letterbox you will find.

Please take the time to enjoy the rest of the park as well. The falls are usually rushing after the snow melt off, but still a nice sight in the summer!
Happy Letterboxing!