Winnie-ther-Pooh Series--part one  LbNA # 29194

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateMar 14 2007
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By beckergang
Last Found Apr 25 2012
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Pooh and Piglet have been recarved and replanted!

We placed a second set of Pooh boxes on June 4. Be sure to look for these while you are there.
Easy stroll through cemetery.
This series is dedicatd to the original A. A. Milne stories and Ernest H. Shepard's "Declarations". Parenthetical ( ) comments are for true Milne fans. Others can ignore them--or read Milne and enjoy!
Place: Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio (100 AKER WOOD) at the corner of AcKERman and Olentangy River Roads.**from I-71 exit west on East North Broadway to Olentangy River Road and south to cemetery--not the first one on the west side. From 315, exit east on Ackerman. Turn north (left) on Olentangy River Rd. Enter the cemetery at the entrance directly across from the hugh University City Center sign across the street from the cemetery.**

Box 1: Pooh
"Bear" right as you enter the cemetery. Drive to the end of the main drive. Turn left. Park near the Reed stone on the right near the NE end of the cemetery. Walk east down the gravel path to the sign, "All Dogs Must Be Leashed and Curbed". Sit on the large rock directly across from the sign. Look at the rock on your left--at the base of the rock at the edge of the path is a hole covered by smaller rocks. Move the rocks to find Pooh. Replace Pooh and covering rocks carefully. This is a busy spot--lots of bikers! Be alert.
Box 2: Piglet
From Pooh, return down the path to the roadway. Look in a westerly directions to Snyder and Riffe. Continue at about 300 degrees to two cedar trees. You'll walk past Riffle, Crow, and Tucker which create a line that points to the two cedar trees. At the cedar trees by the Milless stone, walk 36 paces at 240 degrees to a hugh pine tree sheltering Middleton under its boughs. Walk at 300 degrees from the west side of the tree to the road. Turn right, then left at the intersection--between sections 68 and 61. Walk to the pump (not to be confused witha Heffalump) on the right side of the road. Piglets house is 20 degrees--northerly--at 15 paces. Jesse Mitchell rests at the foot of the tree. Piglets home is among the many branches.
Box 3: Tigger: OH DEAR! Tigger's tree was bllown over by the recent storm. By the time we discovered it his tree had been sliced up by the "tree guys". So we were amazed to look into the gaping truck left behind to find Tigger! So, he's not happy, but he is safe.
NEW HOME: Return from Piglet to the pump. Walk south looking for the RAE family on your right. Behind the Rae stones is a cedar tree. Look under the bark in the center cavity of the tree. Replace carefully and snuggly.

Box 4: EoR
Finally, head south on the road to the intersection. Turnleft between sections 61 and 58. Walk down the road. Pass Deckard on the left. Walk straight through the double intersection to Wheeler on your right. EoR ('s gloomy place) is not far away. Angle at 75 degrees into section 64 to the largest tree. EoR is at the base under a piece of slate in the chink near Wiley.

Please replace all boxes carefully as this cemetery is frequented by lots of folks. Your car should be very close to the east. Hope you enjoyed your visit (to the 100 AKER wood.)
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