Wildflowers: blue-eyed grass  LbNA # 29213

OwnerDarkZen and Evil Cow Pie    
Placed DateMar 15 2007
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationCayucos, CA
Planted Bymonotonia    
Found By Templeton CA
Last Found Mar 24 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMay 10 2017

Blue-Eyed grass is one of my most favorite of California's wildflowers. The bright purple flower with yellow center is just so cheerful, and they're not overly common, so it's a pleasant surprise to catch them in bloom. There is one spot on the coast here that boasts THOUSANDS of these beauties, in some places the ground appears positively purple. To get there, take Hwy 1 to just North of the town of Cayucos. If you're traveling South, you will see a billboard on your left that says "Welcome to Cayucos". Park in the pullout directly accross from this sign. If you're traveling North, keep your eyes out for this sign on your right, but you'll have a hard time seeing it, so keep your eyes on the rearview mirror. You may need to make a U-turn (but there are plenty of places to do this) to come back to where you need to park. Park near the Call Box.

Take trail towards ocean, past big rock on your left, and through the opening in the fence. Take the trail to the LEFT heading towards Morro Rock. The trail splits, keep heading towards Morro Bay along the edge of the bluff. You'll follow this trail all the way until you reach a bushy tree that grows at the edge of a ravine. It's the only one, you can't miss it. Take the path to your left toward this tree, keeping to the left of the tree so you're not in the ravine. The box is hidden under rocks in the center of this tree's low-spreading branches.

If you keep walking a bit more, you can pick up the Poppy letterbox.