Worth A Thousand Words  LbNA # 29237

OwnerMr. Duck    
Placed DateMar 16 2007
CountyLa Crosse
LocationLa Crosse, WI
Found By walkingstick
Last Found Sep 22 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 5 2015

This box is currently unavailable. Prior to our big snowfall, I had taken it to upgrade the box it's self. It should be back in the spring.

-Mr. Duck

About a year ago my family celebrated my baby nephew’s blessing. The all of my sisters were here, same with my brother and parents. I figured what better time for a family picture?! So my oldest sister and I scouted around La Crosse for a place to get our family picture taken, and she suggested Pettibone Park, that’s where she had her wedding pictures taken and it’s such a beautiful park. So we had the pictures taken there, and while waiting in between shots I was looking around and realized just how beautiful this park really was. A picture is worth a thousand words.


One main streets in La Crosse is Cass Street. Along this street are some of the most beautiful homes in all of La Crosse. To find this box you’re going to travel down Cass Street toward the river. You will proceed across the bridge and take the very first right turn you can. You will enter Pettibone Park. Take the Pettibone Path. It will take you along the river, and you will be able to see into downtown La Crosse and across the river to Riverside Park. Pettibone Park is where La Crosse shoots off it’s fireworks every 4th of July. Follow this path until you get to the giant red gazebo. Park either in front or near the gazebo. First thing you’re going to do is go inside the gazebo and count how many columns are decorating the gazebo and mark it in the blank below.. Then you will take a compass reading and find north. You’re going to want to find 260 degrees walk in that direction on the grounds. You’re going to walk all the way to the tree line. Situate you’re self between two giant trees and walk ____ paces keeping the tree trunks to your left. (Paces for me are one step) The box is inside of the trunk to your left.

This is a hand carved stamp. Please be sure to reseal all bags and the box before replacing it. This is a public area so be very careful when you retrieve the box and when you replace.