Lucky Little Frogs  LbNA # 29255

Placed DateMar 17 2007
LocationIdyllwild, CA
Planted Bypunky    
Found By LuvBulldogs
Last Found Feb 20 2015
Hike Distance?

We headed out for a St. Patrick's Day hike, stamp in pocket, without any real idea where we would end up. Although this is a dry year, this trail is still one of my favorites.

From Idyllwild, head north on 243, past Pine Cove, to the North Fork of the San Jacinto River. I don't know the mileage, but it is at a fairly sharp bend in the road at the end of a downhill. There is a small trailhead sign on the right side of the highway.

There are two trails- take the one on the SOUTH side of the creek. Note the posted information about our friend Rana mucosa. Follow the trail about 200 yards until you reach an enormous sugar pine on the left side of the trail,leaning to the right and almost touching the large boulder on the right of the trail. Backtrack ten paces from the leaning pine to a small hollow log. The letterbox is behind some pine cones.

Box#2- Hoppy Birthday Frogs
Acorn's Birthday box.
If you don't mind a bit of scrambling, continue on up the creek to perhaps the Most Beautiful Spot in southern California. It isn't far- less than half a mile. The trail is a little undefined in places, but just continue up the canyon, you can't get lost. At one point you will pass beneath a large, downed tree that has clearly been there for many years. A carving dates it at 1874. For real? Keep going, you are nearly there. At the crest of a small rise, you will pass beneath a leaning cedar. Go just a bit further and follow the path between the rocks to the left, down toward the Most Beautiful Spot. You should see dancing trees across the creek, and a large group of boulders on your right. Beneath the largest of these are three smaller ones- a flattish one, a knife blade, and another flattish one. The letterbox is beneath the flat one on the right, around in back.

Eat a piece of birthday cake, if you have any with you. Ours was quite tasty.

Have fun and let us know if you find it!