The Family Tree  LbNA # 29259

OwnerWag Time    
Placed DateMar 10 2007
LocationTatum, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Apr 22 2012
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On March 10, 2007, my cousin JB Kokopelli and I set out on our first annual road trip, The Circle Tour of 2007, named because of the number of times we found ourselves driving in circles…not lost, but not entirely sure where we were either. Our trip was partially vacation-fun-oriented, but we also planned to visit all the old family cemeteries in southern Mississippi where our mothers and my father were born and raised. It seemed only fitting that my first box ever, and the one to kick off our trip, would be one in honor of our family.

Locate this historic picnic area on TX 43 between Marshall and Tatum. Park near the marker which discusses the creation of this roadside park in the mid-1930s by the Texas Highway Department (now TxDOT), one of the first of its kind. Walk down the hill and cross the small creek bed to two large trees together – one pine and one dead hardwood that looks like it was hit by lightening (watch out for ants). Walk on past these trees to a young pine with a white stone at its base. The Family Tree box is behind this stone at the base of the tree under bark, pine straw, etc. Take a moment to think of your own family, with the large dead tree honoring those who have past before you, and the young pine signifying those who carry the torch forward.

Please let me know how the box is doing when you find it.