The Early Bird  LbNA # 29260

Placed DateMar 17 2007
LocationBurnet, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found Feb 7 2013
Hike Distance?

I am calling this box the early bird. One should be here around 7 in the morning, the place is alive with the sound of birds. If you are up and out at dawn look around you just may be the early bird that got the worm.
I have planted it in Longhorn Cavern State Park south of Burnet in Burnet county, is 645.62 acres in the rugged hill country.It was dedicated as a state park in 1932.
Among legends about the cave is one that outlaw Sam Bass hid $2 million cache of stolen money inside.

Directions to get there is you can take HWY 281 between Burnet and Marble Falls then exit park road 4 for 10 miles.

CLUES- Step out of the observation tower and follow the service road 60 degrees North to the last picnic table on the left. Take the little used trail North or to the left at the table untill you reach a set of stairs. Clime the stairs and ring the door bell on the left that no longer exists.Look were you fainger is pointing.The letterbox nest is at the base of the oak tree you are pointing at.
Do recover well.