Belted Kingfisher  LbNA # 29318

Placed DateMar 18 2007
LocationClinton, MT
Found By The Kindly Vikings
Last Found Jul 13 2014
Hike Distance?

I regularly drive I-90 between Missoula and my home just east of the divide. Much of the way the interstate is very close to the Clarks Fork river a natural corridor for wildlife. Along this section I've seen bighorn sheep butting heads 20 yards from the interstate, sandhill cranes with chicks in the hay fields, bald eagles fishing in the river, and a fox denning in the median of one of the exits as well as many other birds and mammals.

At exit #130 just a 1/2 mile from the interstate is Beavertail Hill state park. This small park is right on the banks of the Clarks Fork. Although it is closed during the winter you can park at the gate and walk in.

While you're in the area check out the Beavertail Hill box on the other side of the interstate at the fishing access site.

Clues: As you enter the park notice the nature trail sign on the north side of the road. Park then take a stroll along the trail. It's about a one mile loop on nearly level ground. At sign #4 stand facing the sign with your back to the river and look into the woods at 240. You should spot a large stump just before the fence. Look on the back side of the stump under some bark for a camoflauge painted container.

The day the dogs & I took this walk to plant the box we saw wild turkeys along the river bank.