Banksia  LbNA # 29334 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 5 2007
LocationAiken, SC
Found By NOLA Pride
Last Found Mar 14 2010
Hike Distance?

The Aiken Historical Museum was built for one man and it cost $85,000 to build.
It had 32 rooms, 15 bathrooms, 1 ballroom, and 5 sets of stairs. It was a house, then a
boarding house, then a college for SMU then USCA. Then it was a public library and finally
the museum. The log cabin outside was built for 13 people and only 3 rooms were in it.

Now it is a museum. It has fun stuff like the playroom and the nature trail. There is a
circus room too. It has a schoolhouse and the cabin. The school was for grades 1-8; the teacher
would hit your knuckles if you misbehaved. The outhouse is by the cabin. It has a moon
on the door.

The Aiken Historical Museum, also known as Banksia, is located at 433 Newberry Street near
downtown Aiken. You can get there from Whiskey Road or South Boundary.
Park in front of the museum outside the white brick wall. (There is a large dirt shoulder to park on.) Walk on the road past the two paved entrances into the museum. Walk until you see the set of stairs with a black railing. Go up the stairs. If you pass the mailbox, you have gone too far. At the second lightpost on the right follow the 48 hexagons to the driveway. You will find a huge Loblolly Pine tree. Pass it and go down the stairs to the schoolhouse and log cabin. Turn left and go past the Southern Red Oak and the Mockernut Hickory trees. Go to the far wall surrounding the museum grounds. Turn left and head up the hill. You will see a telephone pole lying on the ground. At the bottom of the pole you should see 2 bricks. The letterbox is under the bricks.

(This letterbox was placed by Aiken County 3rd Graders!)