Gone But Not Forgotten: Big Bear  LbNA # 29354

Placed DateMar 20 2007
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By Spoiled Rotten
Last Found Jun 1 2011
Hike Distance?

Remember the supermarket chain Big Bear? Itís back. In letterbox form. The box is located in Wyman Woods, 1520 Goodale Blvd. The park is named for the first wife of Ronald Reagan, Jane Woods. Itís on the northeast corner of Goodale Blvd. and Grandview Ave. in Grandview Heights. Coming from the west, you can take the Grandview Ave. exit (Exit 1) from I-670 and go north until you get to the park. But the scenic route involves taking the Neil Ave./Goodale St. exit (Exit 3) from I-670. From this exit, go west on Goodale St. This becomes Goodale Blvd. once you pass the White Castle H.Q., the railroad tracks, the Olentangy River, route 315, Olentangy River Rd./Twins Rivers Rd., and another set of railroad tracks. Once you enter Grandview Heights, you will see the former Big Bear H.Q. on your right at 770 Goodale (assuming it hasnít been torn down by the time you read this). Also notice Krema Nut Company, one of the oldest peanut butter manufacturers in the country, at 1000 Goodale. The park will be on your right.

From the southeast-most parking space, go to the closest light post. From there, walk 10 paces (20 steps) at 45 degrees. There should be a clearing in the brush here. Walk into the woods 10 paces until you get to a large tree. To the right of the tree is a fallen log. Look in the end of the log closest to you.

This stamp was carved by TP.