The Royal Letterbox  LbNA # 29359 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 17 2007
LocationBurnet/Marble Falls, TX
Planted ByTulipManiaFamily    
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Mar 25 2007
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: Found 7/31/07 in great shape!

Go to the observation tower and take in the beautiful hill country view. Once you leave the observation tower, follow the road to the Officer’s Quarters. Facing the Officer’s Quarters you will see an unmarked trail to your left. To find The Royal Letterbox, you will need to count the yellow painted rocks you see.

The route through “yellow” rocks 1 – 13 is uneventful. However, rocks 14, 15, and 16 which are together, open to a large rock outcropping spanning to the left and right of the trail. Continue following the yellow rock trail over the rocky terrain veering slightly to the left at rocks 19 and 20. Rock (or rather, boulder) 22 is painted twice. After rock 25, you may see a faded yellow rock – we’re not counting that one. Rock 31 is across from the large fallen tree.

After rock 36 you will pass a large rock outcropping on the left….Keep going….Almost there. Between rocks 39 and 40 you may find another faded rock – don’t count that one! Continue to rock #45. From rock #45, walk forward approximately 42 more steps. (Additional clue: You will see a short, squat tree nearly ON the trail in a small clearing.) Veer off the path the left of this tree passing under two trees whose branches meet up top. Look at the back of the base of the first tree you pass on the right and you will find The Royal Letterbox.

Happy Hunting!