Beautiful Brownville  LbNA # 29382

Placed DateMar 24 2007
LocationArcadia, FL
Found By scout
Last Found Aug 1 2008
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Beautiful Brownville

Brownville Park
1885 NE Brownville St
Arcadia, FL 34266

This box was planted by good friends MallyKat and Tiny Tigers while exploring Brownville Park, Arcadia. Here we love do lots of fun things like camping, fossil hunting, and swimming in the beautiful Peace River. We hope all of you will take advantage of this wonderful park!


Take the nature trail in between campsite #12 and the boat ramp. Cross over a small footbridge and take the trail to the left. Stay right around the curve, following the trail along the Peace River. At the second tree you come to in the middle of the path take 55 paces forward. You will reach an entrance to a small treasure the locals call Fossil Island. Here you can sift for sharks teeth, bones, and fossils. But to get to the box you must take the second trail on the right passed Fossil Island where you will find a clearing. Look within the tree that leans far to the left.

Happy Hunting!