Tennessee Riverbox  LbNA # 29392

Placed DateMar 17 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Planted ByGoldfinch22    
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found Dec 14 2013
Hike Distance?


Begin your hunt where disks fly on the north shore, and where you can enjoy the view of the river along wooded trails.
Drive up a Frisbee-studded hill,past a green sign bearing the name of a famous admiral (the park's name).
Come into a parking lot surrounding a wooded circle with picnic tables and trash cans.
Park, and ignore the path that begins at the parking lot. The trail you want is farther down.
Go by the green-roofed pavilion, covering 4 picnic tables, and stop by the river to enjoy the view.
Turn right and enter the shade of the trees. You're on your way!
Listen for the birds calling and the river splashing as you make your way along a winding path.
Come out of the trees to see a path going back the way you came, and a path going straight ahead. Forge ahead over the roots.
On your left, fallen trees stretch their fingers out into the water. Take a seat on one of the two benches and enjoy the sight of the large rock and the river.
Keep walking. Ahead, a tri-tree marks another path that ends in rocks by the water. Bear right, still on the main trail.
Come down into a little valley, over spreading roots and stones.
There will be one path going back, and one path going on. Go one, past the jutting rock.
To your right, forest, to your left, water. Keep walking, enjoying the day.
Keep going, past the clearing with the uprooted log, the three-fingered tree, and the resting place.
Getting closer!
A little father on, to your left, see a clearing to which a bent tree is pointing. A line of mossy covered rocks stretches down to the water.
Keep walking, and on your left you will see a steep bank leading down to the river, guarded by rocks and roots. Continue on around the slight turn in the path.
Take a seat on the bench, and reflect on the fact that you and Carl Cowan have almost met.
After you've taken a water break, take about 27 paces from the end of the bench, or until your way crosses a gathering of rocks IN THE PATH.
Turn left.
Around and behind the jutting stone, under a rock and dead leaves, Riverbox can be found.

Please re-hide carefully just as you found it, and take care not to step on any vegetation. Thanks for taking the time to find my first box!!!