Quincy Museum  LbNA # 29445

Placed DateMar 21 2007
LocationQuincy, IL
Found By Gadfly
Last Found May 25 2015
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Quincy Museum Letterbox

~This is a historic walking tour of approx. 18 blocks. It encompasses some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Illinois. It also involves crossing a few busy streets, so please take precautions. The walking tour can be bypassed if you want to go directly to the museum, but you will be missing a beautiful walk. Pick up at the ** below if you just want to get to the box.

Begin your tour by parking at Madison Park. This park, located at 24th & Maine streets is one of the oldest in our city. Parking is available near the large shelter house. Leave the shelter house area and walk towards 24th street. Carefully cross the street at Jersey. Proceed down Jersey street. When you reach 23rd Street the sidewalk changes sides so cross over to that side of Jersey. Continue on; when you reach the house of a thousand stones, cross the street to your left. You should be on a short brick sidewalk.

Keep going on Jersey, enjoying the scenery. Can you spot a pineapple newel post on a fence to your left? How about a strange little roof on a hole in the wall? What do you think that is? Many of these homes are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Carefully cross 18th Street as you continue your architectural tour of Jersey Street. When you spot a long green fence on your right you are just about ready to make a turn. At 16th Street turn right. You should see a lovely stone gazebo on your right and the historic Women’s City Club on your left. Follow 16th Street until you reach Maine. Across the street sits your goal: The Quincy Museum!

Carefully cross Maine Street.

** Begin your search at the brick driveway near the museum sign. As you move up the driveway, note the tops of the capitals on the front of the museum. No two are alike!
Use the sidewalk to walk in front of the building. When you reach the flagpole and lamp post, turn and walk between them towards the back of the house. Stop at the tree and look way up—do you see the stone arch that is characteristic of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture.

Go back to the front of the museum and walk up the porch steps. Can you spot four small stained glass windows in a pattern? How about a diamond in the center of another?
Now focus on the windows to your right. Count the number of curved glass panes. (Remember this number!)

Now’s a great time to take a break on the front porch furniture if you’d like. Can you imagine sitting here 110 years ago? What would you see from this view? What would the street and traffic be like?

After your rest, follow the porch on around as it curves towards the back. Do you think the door to your left looks rather short? (see if the tallest person in your group fits under it!) The lintel height was shortened so that the rotating stone layers of thick/thin could be continued. Can you see how some layers of stone are taller than the levels below them?

Walk down to the driveway. You are now under the portico and have a challenge: can you spot the only ‘figural’ element that’s included in this building’s architecture? (hint: Aslan)

Follow the brick driveway towards the back and stop at the second lamp post you come to. On your right in the lawn is a beautiful fountain. To your left, a bell. Face the light post and consider it 12 o’clock. Head towards the lamp post at 10 o’clock. Go up the porch steps, turn left. Now, add 10 to your earlier window count. Your total is the approximate paces to your reward. Look for the place where the house maids would expect to pick up the day’s “moo-juice”. There you will find your reward: The Quincy Museum Letterbox!

After you have found your box, return to Madison Park, but this time, stroll up Maine Street. You’ll find dozens of gorgeous, historic homes lining this beautiful street.