Luck O' the Irish in AZ  LbNA # 29455 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTiernans of AZ    
Placed DateMar 25 2007
LocationPhoenix, AZ
Found By The Pink Ladies
Last Found Sep 1 2007
Hike Distance?

Level of difficulty: Easy

This box was placed to commemorate a memorable Spring Break that my daughter spent with her Godmother, which began with a St. Patrick's Day celebration! They had so much fun letterboxing that they decided to plant one of their own!

This letterbox can be found on the west side of the Cave Creek Recreation Area. From I-17, take the Cactus Road exit and head east. Turn north at the light at 25th Ave. Continue north on 25th drive until it comes to a T-intersection at Sweetwater. Turn east onto Sweetwater and follow it to the end, driving straight into the parking area for the Cave Creek Recreation Area at the corner of Sweetwater and 25th Avenue. Park in the parking lot.

Walk east, along the sidewalk with the play area and Ramadas on your right and the restrooms up ahead and to the left. Just east of the restroom, you will see a brown, metal bridge. Stop at the entrance to the bridge and turn around, facing the restrooms with the bridge behind you. Take the sidewalk going north, the farthest one to your right as you stand with your back at the entrance to the bridge. At the second light pole, stop. Beginning with the next sidewalk square, count 13 sidewalk squares. Stop on the 13th square and turn to the right, facing east. From the middle of east edge of the sidewalk, step 10 normal paces (don't exaggerate and take big steps or you'll go too far), which should land you right in front of a small, light greenish-gray bush. (I have no idea what type of bush this is, so if anyone knows please email me!).

The box is in the middle of the bush, surrounded by some rocks to keep it from being swept down hill. There are no stickers or thorns on this bush, but you may want to poke in with a stick first to be sure there are no critters!! Be very discreet and careful - this sidewalk is a fairly popular bike trail and can be very busy at times! Please be sure to re-seal everything in the plastic bags and surround the box again with the rocks when you re-hide it, particularly on the east side so it can't be washed down the hill.

Hope you enjoy the hunt and happy Letterboxing!