A salute to firefighters  LbNA # 29457 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 25 2007
LocationEvansville, IN
Planted Bybawa    
Found By 5shoes
Last Found Jul 1 2009
Hike Distance?

Hop in the car and head to the North
Highway 41 is the origin point.

Hit Highway 57 and turn towards the East,
At the airport you'll turn left, you're heading north for toward your treat.

The name of the road is Petersburg
The box that you're looking for is where sirens are heard.

You'll drive for a bit, see a fire station on your right,
pull into the lot, park away from the origin of flashing lights.

As you're looking don't be fooled, This is where McCutchanville Children, used to be schooled.

There is a little garden from the local garden club
There's a nice bench for sitting, doing something that you love.

Have a seat on the bench, facing the road,
You'll see holly bushes in front of you, lo and behold.

The box that you're looking for may be hidden from site,
look for the second holly on the left, not on the right.

Take out the box, stamp your find and move on,
You never know when someone else will come along.

Now watch out for sirens and/or flashing lights,
thank the firemen that protect us and keep on letter boxing, day and night!