Gator's Nest #3  LbNA # 29473

Placed DateMar 25 2007
LocationPort Richey, FL
Found By country duo
Last Found Oct 11 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Waterfront Park on Old Post Road in Port Richey. It is the 3rd piece in a set to make one complete stamp.

Drive in to the park and follow the road to the back. Head towards the pier. Take a walk down it, the water is nice. Pass the pier and cross the bridge of dedications. Follow the path around the curve. You will pass a bench on your left. Keep going to the light post. From the light post on the left count forward 88 steps. Standing in the middle of the path and looking to your right you will see a single palm near the water. Looking to your left you will see what appears to be a small scrub oak. It is the first one past the light post. On either side of this tree there are palms. Take eight steps to the palms on the right of the tree. Buried between this double palm is the end of your Gator. Hope you had fun and it all fits together.