Marathon Men  LbNA # 2950 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 27 2002
CountyNew London
LocationNiantic (East Lyme), CT
Found By butterfly
Last Found Jul 5 2007
Hike Distance?

Confirmed as missing 9/6/03. Replacement in progress, will post when available again.

Stamp and box dedicated to my son and son-in-law who both finished
the Mystic Places Marathon on 10/27/02 in just over 4 hours, a truly
remarkable achievement in my (sedentary) eyes.

Don't let the name fool you. This marathon is run entirely in
Niantic, along the shore of Long Island Sound. It was called the
East Lyme Marathon for years, until the tourism gurus decided it
would attract more attention and money if it was renamed after the
more famous village 20 miles to the east. That's okay. Here in
Niantic we relish our obscurity!

This box is inside an area where a fee is charged mid-May to
Labor Day.

Course map is at From the third relay
transfer point, follow Main Street east to Baptist Lane. Take
Baptist Lane south and through the hole in the wall. After you cross
under the railroad tracks, turn right and follow the path that
parallels the railroad tracks. At the end of the beach follow the
path to the left along the edge of McCook's Point. Enjoy the
beautiful view. Follow the path until you come to a huge beech tree.

On a bearing 218 degrees from the base of the tree you will see a low
rock with a pink stripe in it. Just ahead on the beach side is an
opening for a path. Proceed cautiously down this path. You will see
2 large rocks behind a small cedar. Your treasure is underneath the
closer rock on the right side of the cedar. Watch your step here and
the stamp in discretely.

Continue along the path to the parking lot below and exit through the
main gate. Turn right on Atlantic Street, right on Columbus Ave.,
and right on Main Street to return to your starting point