Got a good poker face?  LbNA # 29502

Placed DateMar 26 2007
LocationPortland, OR
Planted ByBelow the Salt    
Found By Stinkerbell
Last Found Sep 6 2007
Hike Distance?

This little park, unknown to farmers,
Is not Lost, but you're getting warmer.

In the hills toward the setting sun
Almost but not quite Beaverton.

The name you'll get if you are able;
It's something you do at a poker table.

Avoid the driveway to condo dwellers.
They dislike intrusions and they're loud yellers!

Go down three or two and a shortcut
You're getting closer to You Know What!

75 steps and on the right you'll see
A muddy trail and a six-in-one tree

Just where the path begins to rise.
Near the latter awaits your prize.

Find a short mossy wall and a tree that's lame,
Then reach inside, facing whence you came.*

The playground is near, and a grassy sward,
But if you're there, you've gone too far!

(Please note, this area is not handicapped accessible. Please let us know if you find this one - it's our first!)

The "tree that's lame" was actually more rotten than I realized when we placed the LB and has since collapsed completely. You no longer "reach inside" but instead, look for a large piece of broken bark right behind the "short mossy wall" and "your prize" will be under it. :)