Triple Fun At The State Park  LbNA # 29511

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateMar 26 2007
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By E&L
Last Found Aug 6 2009
Hike Distance?

NOTE: The Sippin a Cool One Letterbox has been confiscated by a hungry coon and all that is left is the for now you might as well skip it. 6/27/09

Burr Oak State Park.
This box is located on the Lodge and Cabins side of the Park. Take SR 78 from either McConnelsville or Glouster till you come to the entrance to Burr Oak State Park Lodge and Cabins. Come down the road to the T-intersection. At the T, head left toward the Lodge, Cabins and Boat Launch Ramp. At the sign for the boat Launch Ramp take a left and go to the ramp and then go park as far away from the ramp as you can get (in this parking lot of course, staying on the paved surface) You should be able to see the trail head of the Ravine Trail close by and that's where you are heading.

Difficulty: Fairly easy in dry weather but I do not advise young children without close adult supervision due to proximity of path to steep hill side to the water below. Use extreme caution in wet weather and with leaves on the path (My buddy and I are 60+ and in only fair shape and made it ok)
Time: 1 hour including time to hunt for GSD1s boxes on this same trail (and make sure you do) .
Distance: ~ 1 mile round trip from parked car.
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands. Maybe bug spray too in the summer.

The theme that my 4 boxes at Burr Oak follow is "Fun things to do and places to see in Burr Oak State Park".

SIPPIN A COOL ONE: take the ravine trail to the wooden bridge and start counting steps at the far end of the bridge. Go ~ (approximately) 234 steps and while walking notice the large stump to the left with a bad hair day and also a couple boulders within the up and down trail heading eventually up to a leveling off point below the top of the hill. When you reach this point, ~ 234 steps you should be close to a large tree just right of the path sporting a blue blaze over a yellow blaze. If you now look up hill and slightly to the right you should see three trees lined up kinda paralleling the trail, with the first tree looking kinda dead. Just up the hill from them is another large tree, flanked on the left with a small diameter 4 foot dead stump. Check both ways on the path to be sure you are unobserved and then go to the back side of this 4 foot stump and find your box in the cavity behind some bark. At this point I would suggest going back down to the path to do the logging. Please reseal the baggies well and rehide the box as you found it ....... unobserved. Do you see anything similar to what you just stamped......down on the lake below you? My kind of fishing....!! Back to the path and heading away from your starting point another ~ 290 steps. Your next way point is a large boulder sticking out into the trail from the right. Look uphill to the small tree mating with the large tree. Check both directions on the path and if unobserved, look behind the large tree under a large pile of sticks for THE BEAUTIFUL LODGE. *** (Reported missing and assumed gone 11/1/2010)*** Go back to the big boulder to do the logging. When done please reseal the baggies well and rehide as and where found. Check across the cove for the Actual Beautiful Lodge and before leaving this area go in the Lodge and check it out for a future quiet spot to spend a weekender in either the lodge or nearby cabins. These two are all my boxes on this path but I think that down a ways further is another site or two to see so head on down that way for another box and an overlook of the lake that GSD1 mentions. When done, head back to the car for one more of my boxes.

ROUGHIN IT (about 1/4 mile round trip for this box only) can be found by taking the Red Fox Trail which has its start back close to your car and not far from the Ridge Trail head. (the same cautions apply to this trail as the last, especially on the first steep climb) The Red Fox trail heads up the grassy meadow at the end of the parking lot. Head up the mowed path crossing the creek on a wooden bridge and then twice more without bridge. After the third crossing and wooden steps, head steeply up hill and at the top is a large pile of cut trees with one crossing the path (at least it was crossing the path when I placed this box) If you follow the downed tree that crosses the path back to its stump you will find your quest in the base under a rock. Please do not do this until assuring you are unobserved....then do it and please reseal the baggies and lid securely when done logging in.
This is my only box on this trail but if you check clues I think you will find another one on down the trail, placed by someone else. Try it, you'll like it. And when you get back home please send all the placers of boxes you have found today a nice little note telling them of the trials and tribulations you faced in your quest for the treasures of the letterboxes. Knowing the condition of the boxes is also of interest to us as well. Hope your adventure was a fun one and we can meet on the trail some day. Cheers!!!!! Glenn/Safari Man of Vincent, Ohio.