Garrett Park Train Stop  LbNA # 29515

Placed DateMar 27 2007
LocationKensington/Rockville, MD
Planted ByPhototales    
Found By sharwin
Last Found Jan 28 2012
Hike Distance?

REMARKS: 8-2-08...Letterboxes #1,#3 have disappeared. Only box #2 remains. Check the clues for locating Box #2.

SAFETY NOTE: Dogs on leash - Children under control!

Location: The small town of GARRETT PARK is a great find in itself!

Directions: A pleasant 3/4 mile walk from Veirs Mill Park, which is located in Rock Creek Park, where the end of Beach Drive and Garrett Park Rd. form a "T".

Park in the lot that has a Rec. Building with nearby swings and fun for tots. Walk on Garrett Park Road sidewalk, to your right - (you'll cross over a small stream). Looking straight ahead you see another "T" intersection. Sign says "Randolph Hills". Cross street first to your left and then again straight ahead to a paved pathway.

On your right, rest on a Memorial Bench in a nice small area of Waverly-Schuylkill Park. Continue walking up the path, crossing a wooden bridge and several benches along the way.

LISTEN and you may hear and see a train passing in the distance. Ahead is a very active train crossing and CAUTION is necessary!

There is a slight up hill climb and the building on the other side of the tracks is the historical Penn Place. It contains a small restaurant "Black Market". The original Post Office on the lower floor is still being used by the town's residences to pick up their mail.

Visit inside the building and see old pictures. How many needle point cushions are there by the P.O. windows? Outside of the P.O. entrance there are interesting bricks laid in the sidewalk. How many engraved bricks are there?

The railroad crossing is only for walking, NO cars! If a train is approaching you will definitely hear the LOUD warning bell. While I was there one day three trains went by - Amtrak, MARC, and Freight. Tickets can be bought inside Penn Place (no cecks). This is an active commuter train stop!

The "Garrett Park" train waiting area is the small open white building. There are pine trees lined up along the track both before and after it. Across the tracks (another railroad crossing) from this waiting area is a posted train schedule.

Can you find the crazy red bike? - The telephone on a pole? The clothing box? - The free newspapers? - The big clanging bell that warns a train is coming? - The blue mail box? - The Railroad Crossing sign? - The Do Not Enter? - The Watch for Train sign? - The Tennis Courts? - The Black Market Sign? - The American Flag? - and the big rock that has a bronze plaque all about "Garrett Park"? - How old is this town?

BOX #2 CLUES: Find the Basketball Hoop! Take the path to the right for a pleasant walk through the woods. At the "Y" in the path go left and cross over a wooden plank bridge. Continue walking and cross over a second bridge with railings - go right. Watch the ground for signs on the right directing you to Box #2. If you come to the path that takes you to the first bridge - you've gone too far.
A BIG 2 in 1 tree is where the wooden sticks lead, and there it will be!!!

Congratulations!!! Hope you enjoyed your search. Please hide again carefully. Thanks,