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Bovine Double-DOUBLE Dip (New & Improved!)  LbNA # 29518

Placed DateMar 27 2007
LocationGermantown, MD
Planted ByVespa Vikings    
Found By dragonfly lady
Last Found Jan 6 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 4 2016

** note ** Rumors have it that there's been significant relandscaping to the park. Not sure if boxes #2 and #3 are there -- I'll go take a peek as soon as possible.
The Vespa Vikings 1/19/08

This is an easy walk, substantially along a paved bike path. Most of the walk is accessible to strollers, wheelchairs and bikes. It is in close proximity to letterboxes at Black Rock Mill or Great Seneca Regional Park. There are several playgrounds and picnic areas and other recreational facilities.

Bring a stamp pad.

Access South Germantown Recreational Park via Route 118 to Germantown Park Drive (1st right after Richter Farm Road – please note that there are other signs pointing out other park entrances).

Although this will be an adventure, pass Adventure Playground, the picnic area and diamonds D,E & F.

Go halfway around the circle, pass through the metal cows, and take your first left. Park in the lot for the Splash Park and miniature golf.

Box #1: Swimming Cow

Proceed along the bike path between the splash park/golf entrance booth and the pool. You’ll soon see several large rocks on your right-hand side, including a cluster of three nearest a grove of trees. In this cluster of three, look behind the furthest to the right … and you will find Swimming Cow.

Box #2: Electric Cow

Continue on the bike path until you see a blue seahorse and jumping blue dolphin. Don’t wait for the cows to come home to the green-roof building on your left, these days it is a “Moo-seum.” Follow the path around the building to the silos, then down the hill toward the pond.

Take the path counter-clockwise part-way around the pond. When there is a “giant Discovery” to your right and a boat launch to your left across the pond, take the path away from the pond and head up the hill. Carefully cross the zebra-stripes and follow the path to the left paralleling the road. When the path ends, carefully walk in the road for a short distance. When you see a sign that a Tiger, Arnold Palmer and even William Tell would find interesting, follow the road to the right. At the zebra stripes, pick up the bike path again to the left. (BTW – you can take a break or come back to this point to pick up the nearby K-9 Krew box.)

At the top of the hill, toward the towers of power, you’ll see a fallen tree just off the path. There is one large branch pointing towards the twin power towers, and a smaller branch further down the trunk. Under the little branch you’ll see another log runs perpendicular to the first, pointing toward Discovery. Nestled on the ground where the two logs almost meet is Electric Cow.

Box #3: Cow Comes Home

Rejoin the bike path, continuing in the direction you were going, winding up and down. Look for lots of birds and butterflies. As you approach another pair of power towers, you’ll see three man-made hills. The tallest is in the center – climb it! Midway up, the grass begins to thicken. Some hay has been strewn around to deter erosion. At this midway point, under some logs and some hay, you’ll find Cow Comes Home.

Box #4: Kickin’ Cow

Return to the bike path and continue on in the direction you were going. When the path makes a T at the post stating Mile 2, you’ll see a row of trees along the opposite side. Head to the left on the bike path. There are some new little saplings, then some more mature trees. In the 4th mature tree, in a hole in the trunk about 5-6 feet up is Box 4, “Kickin’ Cow.” (This will be a particular challenge during soccer season and weekend game time!)

If you continue on the bike path, you’re just a few steps to the Splash Park parking lot.