The Monument  LbNA # 29522

OwnerThe Sub Club    
Placed DateMar 27 2007
LocationMeridian, ID
Found By Toadily!
Last Found Sep 5 2010
Hike Distance?

Box #2 is missing.

"The Monument"
Clue difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Number of Boxes: 2
Hand Carved Stamps: Yes
Stamp/Ink Pad: No

Box #1 - BP: In Meridian, head north on Linder, past Ustick. You will pass the "Home of the Sabercats" on your right. Turn right into the next subdivision and pull over. The large subdivision entry sign is where you need to be. Hop up 3 rocks until you are standing on a long, flat boulder directly in front of the sign. The box is beneath your feet under the rock.

Box #2 - Daisy: Look further down the entry road about 30 yards. At the "Speed Limit 25" sign there is a short half moon landscaping wall to the right. At the top of the left side of this retaining wall you will find your "daisy".

If these boxes are missing, in need of repair, or you just want to share your adventures, please contact me at Happy travels.