Quest for the Best  LbNA # 29524

OwnerThe Sub Club    
Placed DateMar 27 2007
LocationBoise, ID
Found By fivebrownbears
Last Found Dec 12 2007
Hike Distance?

BOX #1 & #2 are missing.

"Quest for the Best"
Clue Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Number of Boxes: 3
Hand Carved Stamps: Yes
Stamp/Ink Pad: No

Box #1 - Onion Breath:
Take I-84 to the Vista exit. Head north and enjoy the view of the foothills as you drop down into the city of trees. Continue about one mile until you come to the village named after the road you are on. On the back side of this shopping center you will find railroad tracks that end where your journey begins. At the base of the short wall, between the rails you will find "Onion Breath". Be aware of drive-thru onlookers.

Box #2 - Cookie Caper:
Continue north on Vista Ave past the Train Depot. Come down the hill to the first light, turn right. You will travel along University Drive enjoying a beautiful campus set along the banks of the Boise river. When you hit the next main road past the Smurf Turf, turn left. Cross over the Boise river and through two lights. Turn left into the strip center and park on the far side. Head into your favorite sandwich shop and out the back door. Be aware of patio patrons. Past the 6 tables, in the right corner of the bushes, you will see a green power box. To the left of that, between the cement slab and the backside of the storage shed, you will find "Cookie Caper". Head back inside and an employee will treat you with a complimentary cookie for everyone in your party.

Box 3 - Hold the Tomato:
Continue driving north on Broadway along the right side of St Lukes Hospital. Hang a left on State Street and travel past the historic State Capitol building. Another mile will bring you to where Joe Albertson started his first chain of fortune. Across the street you can get dinner, a movie, and a caffine buzz. 1781 is where you want to be. The friendly staff will assist you in retrieving "Hold the Tomato". Congratulations! You have completed your Quest. Order up; we recommend the Best.

If these boxes are missing, in need of repair, or you just want to share your adventures, please contact me at Happy travels.