The Bug Man  LbNA # 29530 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 28 2007
LocationKennesaw, GA
Planted ByThe Ratpak    
Found By Wildman Clan
Last Found Mar 26 2008
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The Bug Man

Unfortunately - these boxes have been removed.
Kenn. Mtn. Park has limited parking but it is free. There is also a visitor center and Civil War museum on sight - both are free. On weekends the Mountain road is closed and you pay $2 for adults, $1 for kids to ride shuttle up. If you like a good workout, you can always hike to the top for free.

The Bugman Series - This series was planted for our son's birthday party so each box tell something about him. It starts in the Picnic Area across the parking lot from the Visitor's center.

Box #1 - Little Hands, Little Feet - Standing in the picnic area with your back to the parking lot, look for trail post #3. As you begin on this path you will see a sign for a large Poplar tree. Continue on the path to trail post #4. Just after this post you will find a V-shaped tree in the middle of the path. At this tree, the path forks. Take the left path towards the bottom of the mountain. You will see trail post #5 right after the split. Continue until you come to trail post #6 on the right side of path. Facing the post, look into the woods and find an outcrop of rocks. Find the two-medium sized trees growing among the rocks. Look under the big rock, that is equidistant between these two trees to find the Little Hands and Little Feet. Be sure to cover with leaves and sticks when you replace he box.

Box #2 - All American Boy - From Little Hands and Feet go back to the V-shaped tree and take the right path. You will immediately see trail post #19. Continue on path until you see the tree that once fell across the rocky path, you will then make a sharp right turn. Continue until you find trail post #18 and turn left. You will see a sign for the Eagle Scout project. A wooded amphitheatre is here in the wilderness. Sit on the front bench, facing the project sign. Look at 2:00 position and find a large pine stump. Find the rock at the base of the stump. Our All American boy is guarded by the rock and some pine bark.

Box #3 - Fishers of Men - This box is hidden at the top of Kennesaw Mtn. You can walk or drive the 1.2 miles up the mountain. Once you are at the top parking lot be sure to enjoy view of Atlanta skyline. Take the stairs to observation level area. Take a left onto the path; be sure to check out the cannons and earthenworks. As you continue up the mountain, the path splits as you approach some stone benches. Take the high road to a clearing of rocks. Find the sign that tells about the Fall of Atlanta. Facing the sign and skyline; look over your right shoulder to 4:00 position. Find the high rock pointing heavenward. You will find the Fishers of Men protected by rocks and brush on the underside of this summit peak.